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sachie my sushiSushi is a go-to lunchtime convenience food for many, but make it yourself and it’s fresher and far less expensive. In Sachie’s Kitchen, a smart purpose-built Parnell cooking school, Sachie Nomura teaches Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai cuisines, and sushi is an ideal way to start.

Classes are relaxed and fun. We’re greeted with a cup of green tea then Sachie demonstrates miso soup, tamago  (sweet egg roll) and four different styles of sushi before we’re paired off and let loose to try it for ourselves. Easiest are the cone-shaped hand rolls since they are made without the need for a bamboo mat. But once things get more complicated Sachie helps us with our rolling and squeezing techniques and in no time we are producing surprisingly great looking sushi. It’s the small tips Sachie shares that make all the difference including the best soy sauce to use (she favours Yamasa), alternatives to seaweed for rolled sushi and the only brown rice that’s suitable to use (it’s called Gen-Ji-Mai).

It’s wise to take a decent container along to Sachie’s sushi classes as you can take home enough food to feed the family if you want to.

Classes are $89 per person or you can do the full Black Belt Asian cooking course for $534.