Beppi's Recipes

Beppi Martinelli is the irrepressible Italian father from Nicky’s third novel The Italian Wedding (who also makes an appearance in her upcoming The Villa Girls). Naturally he insisted that some of his recipes be included on her website. It may be that you have an entirely different way of cooking these dishes. Beppi says his way is the best one … just so you know.


About half a kilo good steak mince
2 eggs
rye bread or stale bread (one big slice)
chopped flat parsley
grated Parmesan
salt and pepper

First of all start up a Neapolitan sauce like I showed you before.

While the sauce is cooking, soak the bread in water and then squeeze dry. Mix it with the mince and all the other ingredients using a fork or better still your hand. Then put some oil in a frying pan and warm it on a low heat.

Shape the meatballs, roll them in some flour, then fry lightly turning them over once. Finally remove them from frying pan and let them cook for 10 or 15 minutes in the sauce on a very low setting.

They will be good served with pasta or separately with the peppers and a green salad.