Beppi's Recipes

Beppi Martinelli is the irrepressible Italian father from Nicky’s third novel The Italian Wedding (who also makes an appearance in her upcoming The Villa Girls). Naturally he insisted that some of his recipes be included on her website. It may be that you have an entirely different way of cooking these dishes. Beppi says his way is the best one … just so you know.

A delicious dish with peppers

6 peppers (capsicums) red, yellow, green, all the colours
black olives
a little dry bread

Cut up the peppers, remove all traces of seeds and slice them in thin strips. Then add them to the hot oil, add salt and pepper and stir fry on a low heat for 15 to 20 minutes.

When nearly cooked add some anchovies, capers and olives and let them cook for only few minutes. Finally add some dry small pieces of bread and mix so it absorbs the liquid and oil.

Beppi’s note: And see how you use up the stale bread? No waste. Perfect!