The Italian Wedding

Two feuding families, two love stories and a lot of delicious Italian food….

Although settled in London, the Martinellis are a typical Italian family: fighting, eating and loving in equal measure. Now Pieta’s sister is getting married and she will make the wedding gown. But she is distracted by a series of mysteries. Why is her father feuding with another Italian family? Why is her mother so troubled? And could the man she’s always secretly cared for really be getting married to someone else?

As the wedding draws nearer, Pieta uncovers the secrets that have made her family what it is – and may stand between her and happiness….

Praise for The Italian Wedding

“The Italian Wedding, a feast of food and love, a terrific read.”
– Beattiesbookblog

“If your soul needs some nourishing, The Italian Wedding is a great pick.”
– Mindfood magazine

“Nicky Pellegrino has crafted a feast not just for the mind but the mouth.”

“The elements of drama, history, romance and passion are layered, flavoured, tasted and left to simmer, not unlike the Italian recipes which are scattered throughout the book … I absolutely loved it!”
– Stephanie Zajkowski,

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