A Dream of Italy, novel by Nicky Pellegrino

“Here is your chance to buy your own home in southern Italy for less than the price of a cup of coffee”

For sale: crumbling building in southern Italy. Asking price: 1 Euro.

In the drowsy heat of an Italian summer, three strangers arrive in the beautiful hilltop town of Montenello. Each has agreed to buy a crumbling historic building for a single Euro – and each is dreaming of a new adventure.

Elise is desperate to get on the property ladder. Edward wants to escape a life he feels suffocated by. Mimi is determined to start afresh after her divorce. And there’s one more new arrival whose true motives are yet to be revealed…

For each of them, Montenello offers a different promise of happiness. But can they turn their dream of Italy into reality?

A Dream of Italy is Nicky’s latest novel and will be released on March 23rd 2019 in Australia and New Zealand and August 8th in the UK