“Come to Italy, come for sunshine, and pasta, and red wine and long walks, come for as long as you like.”

Belle definitely isn’t falling in love. How could she love someone that she hasn’t met in person? Her home is in New Zealand and Enrico is in southern Italy. They find each other through an online support group and their friendship grows over time and distance. Soon Belle feels as if she knows Enrico better than almost anyone. They have so much in common.

Still, the invitation to spend a summer with his family is unexpected. Come to Italy, Enrico says, and impetuously Belle agrees. He lives in Ostuni, a dazzling white hilltop town rising up from a plateau of olive trees. It seems like the escape she desperately needs. But when she arrives, nothing is quite what she expected. Even Enrico is almost a stranger.

Belle has come to Italy and she is going to have to make the most of it.

P.S. Come to Italy is Nicky’s latest novel – out in March 2023