“Sunday evenings were the time for romance in the little village of San Giulio. Romance Italian style.”

An irresistible saga about three very different generations of Italian women, and the old kitchen in Campania that binds them all together.

It’s 1964 and Maria Domenica is the eldest daughter of the Carrozza family from the tiny southern Italian village of San Giulio. At 16 her life is limited to the confines of her mother’s kitchen and the Caffe Angeli, a place of friendship, strong espresso and delicious pastries. Maria’s parents have high hopes for their eldest daughter but she has other plans.

Many years later a young woman is drawn to San Giulio. She soon discovers that the peaceful Italian life she seeks is not as it seems – particularly where the past is concerned.

Love, food and Italy make this a most satisfying romance.

“Full-bodied as a rich Italian red, it’s a page turner combining the missed chances of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin with the foodie pleasures of Chocolat.”

– Eve magazine

“If you like your stories on the sensuous side this debut novel is for you.”

– Glamour magazine