“This morning she opened her eyes to find herself in Sicily, where there was nothing to do but have a good time.”

Luca Amore runs a cooking school in the Sicilian mountain town of Favio. He’s taught many people how to cook the dishes passed down to him by generations of Amore women. As he readies himself for yet another course he expects it to be much like all the others. He will cook, he will take his clients to visit vineyards and olive groves, they will eat together, become friends, and then, after a fortnight, they will pack up and head home to whatever corner of the globe they came from.

But there is a surprise in store for Luca.

This time there are four women booked in to The Food of Love Cookery School. Each one is at a turning point in her life. Each one is looking for something more than new cooking skills from her time in Sicily.

Luca doesn’t realise it yet but this group of women is going to change his life.

“Nicky Pellegrino not only knows her Sicilian recipes and cooking traditions, she also keeps an immaculate beat throughout her tale.”

– Sainsbury’s Magazine