“The more she thought about a little pink house by the sea, simple and clean, the greater her longing to be there.”

Stella has life under control and that’s the way she likes it. For 25 years she’s been trusted assistant to a legendary fashion designer. But when her boss dies, suddenly everything she loves seems to vanish. Stella is lost – until one day she comes across a house swap website and sees a beautiful old villa in a southern Italian village. Could she really exchange her poky London flat for that?

What was intended as just a break becomes much more as Stella finds herself trying on a stranger’s life.

“So much to love about this book. I love the way the food makes you salivate for Italy. I love the matrix of complicated women that interfere in each other’s lives … Reading this felt like a welcome ticket to southern Italy.”

– stuff.co.nz

“We love this book…absolutely delicious, like a warm hug on a sunny afternoon.”

– hot brands cool places.com