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Cool for kids

By June 10, 2011January 7th, 2019News

The coolest little kid’s film ever Koro’s Medal gets its premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival in a couple of weeks time. It’s 14 minutes of pure fun produced by my clever husband Carne Bidwill and director James Barr. I even get a credit at the end! Check out the short by clicking here

Nicky Pellegrino

Author Nicky Pellegrino

Nicky Pellegrino writes novels that take her readers to Italy. They are filled with food, friendship, love and the kinds of people who will feel like they’re your friends. Nicky has an Italian father, grew up in England and now lives in Auckland, New Zealand where she spends a lot of time cooking, eating and riding horses. Somehow she has still managed to write 11 best-selling books.

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