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The Villa Girls coming to a store near you…

By February 2, 2011February 17th, 2019Nicky's Novels

My new novel The Villa Girls will be in Australian and New Zealand bookstores in late March/April. Sorry in the UK you’ll have to wait until June 23 but it’ll be the perfect summer read.

The Villa Girls is a love story about a woman who thinks she is entirely happy with her life and a man who is to inherit a large southern Italian olive grove and seems disatisfied with everything the future has in store for him. One of my publishers has described it as “a fantastic book, emotive, beautifully paced, fulfilling.”

Nicky Pellegrino

Author Nicky Pellegrino

Nicky Pellegrino writes novels that take her readers to Italy. They are filled with food, friendship, love and the kinds of people who will feel like they’re your friends. Nicky has an Italian father, grew up in England and now lives in Auckland, New Zealand where she spends a lot of time cooking, eating and riding horses. Somehow she has still managed to write 11 best-selling books.

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